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Tantric Touch Massage: Eroticism and Quality

In the last 12 years we have dedicated our activity to offer you, with devotion to quality and comfort,an exceptional tantric massage. We have developed and constantly perfected our tantric massage techniques bringing it to the rang of art, as it was known in The Kamasutra since ancient times.


Tantric and Taoist philosophy

Authentic tantric massage sessions include and extend beyond the limitations of classical therapeutic massage. The fine and very sensual touches from the beginning will be followed by the relaxation massage which ideally combines the classic Swedish massage with some special Taoist techniques of awakening and unlocking the energetical meridians. The sensual and sophisticated touch with the body of the therapist (breasts, thighs, hair) will lead you to the seventh heaven. Time stops and the mind dissolves into a space of absolute tranquility and serenity.