Massage for him

The massage will be provided in an affectionate and sensual way at the same time. If in the beginning, to induce a deeper relaxation state, the therapist will mostly use soft stimulation like silky hair and soft fingers, later, to energize the erotic energy, she will mainly use her whole body to touch you. The delicate and at the same time voluptuous feminine shapes undulating your body, a provocative personality-in a mysterious and refined way-will create a wide range of sensations full of eroticism. You will certainly be much more aware of your body and your own sexuality, through the energies aroused by this massage.


The lingam massage

The massage of the lingam will stimulate your sexual energy, will make it circulate in successive waves, from the intimate area to the extremities of the body, through various movements, finer or stronger, by sliding, squeezing or twisting. This massage of the most intimate areas will make you feel multiple sensations of pleasure meant to lead sexual energy in orgasmic waves to the heart and head, transforming it into another sources of energy,(mental, spiritual etc.) which you can use later as a new source of inner power and deep transformation.

We understand if do not want to receive a lingam massage, then we will dedicate more time to your entire body and for sure it will be just as delightful.

The 3 keys to ecstatic tantric massage.

At first you will be spoiled with light and delicate touches with both hands and parts of the therapist’s body (breasts, thighs, hair, etc.). Then her hands will slip easily in a sensual and skillful  search for the points of stimulation and awakening of erotic pleasure but also of unlocking and toning. All this will arouse intense pleasure and you will experience a true symphony of senses.

The second key to achieving tantric ecstasy will open your heart. The caressing becomes slower and more superficial. You are touched with much gentleness and fulfilling love. The intense desire is transformed into a state of pure love, harmony and inner peace. You will experience an adagio of self-discovery. At the end of the session you will experience a state of tranquility and serenity. The third key will bring your mind beyond its usual limits in perfect harmony with the soul and body.

We are waiting for you so that we can travel together in a unique way, to the magical, sensory and energetic complex world, revealed by the tantric massage!